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Don't know the language?
No problemo!
Your new travel buddy is here to help.

Learn the most essential phrases to make your journey even more enjoyable.
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Learn the essentials
learning a whole language is great but very time consuming.
Five Phrases helps you to learn to most essential sayings you need on your journey.
Connect with the locals
a few words can get you a long way.
a simple 'thank you', 'cheers' or local proverb can earn you the sympathy of the locals.
Have a great journey
enjoy your travels even more knowing that you have your little travel buddy right in your pocket.
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Audio Output
Let a virtual voice speak for you.
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Native Text
Loud environment? Just show what you need.
Or copy and paste it if you're texting someone.
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Flexible Phrases
Some phrases can be configured swiftly to say exactly what you need.
Included Languages
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